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Fox (noun): the fox totem: Comes to you upon imminent major life change; urges swift action and guided by wisdom and intuition. It inspires the drive, resourcefulness and flexibility that promotes success.

Whole (adjective): To repair or restore someone to be in an unbroken or undamaged state, complete and undivided, recovery from a deep wound, physically, emotionally and mentally sound.

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A 1-to-1 Experience

Evolving into recovery with Billy


As you may or may not know, for many people dealing with drug  addiction, alcoholism or process addictions like gambling, the process of relapse seems to happen all too often. What you may not know, however, is that in many cases it didn’t have to be that way.

There are many keys and concepts to beating addiction, but only a select few that are critically important, universally applicable and yet, so often missed. Among those few is the realization that the key to truly beating addiction goes beyond simply beating addiction. Whether it is drugs and alcohol or other substance abuse matters, or process addictions like gambling or gaming, for instance, the likelihood for relapse drops considerably when the individual reaches new heights, both in recovery/sobriety as well as in other life matters.


“Reaching New Heights in Recovery through Coaching, Experience and Actionable Living”

Intervention for drug or alcohol addiction


It isn’t just about guiding the family, it’s about ensuring a successful transition into recovery and creating a plan that best matches the client’s needs with the right treatment center – LEARN MORE

recovery coaching

A private (1-to-1) and fully customized sober coaching experience that can mentally, physically and spiritually alter the trajectory of one’s recovery journey.  –  LEARN MORE

life guidance

Our array of life guidance services  are designed to strategically meld the client’s new recovery within the other primary aspects of life. This is where sobriety meets quality of life. –  LEARN MORE




“Meaningful sobriety often does not exist in the midst of an unfulfilling life, and the absence of meaningful sobriety commonly becomes the catalyst to relapse and another bout of hopelessness.”

– Billy Scheurs

Some call them sober coaches, others refer to them as recovery coaches or coaching services. Whichever term one chooses, the fact is that what we do and how we do it is very unique to each individual. Individuals, families, colleagues, etc. come to us with a variety of scenarios, and whether the person in question is still actively using drugs or alcohol, or already in their recovery journey, we can certainly help.

Our approaches are based on many years of both, personal and practical experience. With so many variables occurring simultaneously, coupled with the critical issues inherent to drug & alcohol addiction, we implore you to be selective and do your diligence prior to hiring a recovery coach. Ask questions, pose scenarios, be your loved one’s greatest advocate and insist on working with only the best!

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