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The All-Mighty Sub-Conscious Mind & Grind


Billy goes way beyond addiction recovery and writes about the power, intrigue and wonderment of the human subconscious mind.



The subconscious mind (expressing ‘consciously’) is analogous to the ocean: deep (where hidden spheres will never be encountered), immense, intense, cold, and warm, cavernous, unpredictable, turbulent, dark, radiant, weighty, dangerous, powerful, mysterious, and wondrously beautiful. Where over one million organisms dwell, I have tantamount memories and beliefs whipping around beneath “my sea,” that no one can see (including me) until what seems a random involuntarily undertow pulls me under and drives me out like a whale exploding from the aquatic surface.

Allow me to explain.

How many times have you acted, reacted, reflexively, in a manner that had you thinking WTF, what did I say or do? How many times do you feel like you’re in a spell and that free will isn’t so free? How many times have you showed up, persevered, performed, and done something freakishly awesome? Well, for 1) embrace being human; and 2) be aware of the unconscious forces that push from the subconscious morass to have you baffled for better or worse.

I have come up for AIR to blog about it, and just because I’m writing about this subject doesn’t mean I can totally comprehend it. My curiosity and wealth of experience have me reflect and be present for what it means (to me) as an important vehicle on the road with no destination. Only a means to further inquisitiveness and remain awake TODAY after languishing for a stubborn chuck of my life.

What would you have done differently if you weren’t asleep at the wheel of life for all that time (assuming you’re anything like me)?

I have intricate dreams that create events and touch subjects I don’t know about or have very little conscious knowledge of. Example: in matters of medicine, physics, art, literature, technology, complex interpersonal issues, and strange riddles that, when I’m able to reflect; have me squint with confusion and restrict me from taking full breaths at times; so, suppose I (we) know much more than we are aware of—what a cool finding and admission. Is it possible (at times) when asleep, we are more awake?

What gives birth to beliefs are messages made by events (in other words)…memories, such recollections, beget messages that lay and feed on the ocean floor of the subconscious that only show themselves in unconscious perception, emotion, and behavior. For those in recovery from Addiction (or not), is this rude? As in a rude awakening at first, or is it just me? If so, stay tuned for spiritual slaps and what I call rebirths to follow, making life just a little more livable.

I read a book many years ago called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind.” I read that work when I was less wise and curious (while in my 20’s); however, I notice now what I didn’t understand then. Namely, there’s much more to you than meets the eye and what is revealed to others – of which we are taught to be chiefly concerned. Got Ego? How remarkable is it to step aside and say (to yourself), hey, “Asshole? You don’t serve my best interest and the concern of those around me; I’m not at your behest any longer.”


“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”
– Joseph Murphy


I only take issue with “as you sow” in the Author’s quote. Because much is sowed in our subconscious unbeknownst to us, especially when we are young children, in our adolescence and into early adulthood, some go unknowingly *sowing* for their whole lives… Only With the alertness of being conscious of the subconscious does that quote resonate – in my not so humble view… When made aware, with care, one can take a vested interest in what we expose and feed this precious dimension and what comes from it, too.

I take no responsibility for the environment I was raised in and messages planted in my subconscious when innocently ignorant. However, I’m now responsible for how it shapes, deciphers, casts, and projects how I communicate with the world. Suffice to say: ignorance is bliss until it isn’t…

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This article was written by Billy Schreurs

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