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court & legal matters

Open Cases. Probation. Parole. Diversion

Any current legal problems? Pending charges or court dates? Probation? DA appointments? Lets get you through it and do sobriety with a clean slate…

Sober coaches for legal problems, probation, court cases, etc.

As mentioned on our Services page, FoxWhole Recovery Services does not offer in-house legal representation for clients. However, we feel it to be very important to help clients navigate through any pending legal matters. This entails things like pending charges and court cases, appointments with defense attorney and/or DA, probation, parole and so on.

A key part of sobriety is cleaning up wreckage from the past. This process, however, generally occurs a bit later in one’s sobriety, once they have a little foundation in their recovery.

Having a clean slate is important, but with legal matters the schedule is already set. Court dates are already on the calendar, as are meetings with attorneys, probation officers and so on. As such, we’ll be here to help the client navigate through it and let the time and energy saved on their part remain focused on their new sobriety. It is good to not throw too much at a person in very early recovery. We’re not saying they shouldn’t feel some pain and worry from the consequences of their actions, but if it keeps them up at night or takes away their appetite out of sheer worry, it then adversely affects their recovery, and that is never a good thing.

Examples of this service include:

  • Assisting with documentation and record-keeping for the court
  • Court Advocacy – a court advocate or a forensic psychiatrist that gives credence to humanize your case 
  • Liaising with defense and prosecuting attorneys
  • Transportation and accompaniment to court appearances
  • Assisting with parole or probation requirements
  • Working with the client to proactively push through this event and make it as much of a learning & growth tool as possible
  • Other related services unique to the situation

Our court and legal support services are generally not offered as a standalone but would be an add-on to recovery coaching and sober companion services.

Alternative sentencing can significantly assist you, or a loved one, to get the truly needed help, rather than spending time in jail – a place unequipped to address the underlying issues that cause individuals to act with criminal conduct. We believe that non-violent defendants with substance abuse issues can take responsibility for their misconduct. With comprehensive treatment, they can make significant changes in their lives, changes that are necessary to recover.

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