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Experience. Academics. Instincts.

How do academics, credentials, certifications, and degrees factor in with intervention & recovery coaching services?


Balancing Experience, Knowledge and intuitiveness

Academics and formal training are unique to each livelihood. In some cases, it can even exude reverence as with a renowned cardiologist that studied at Johns Hopkins. In others, it may serve as simply the technical know-how underlying a skill set born of passion, personal experience, and innate ability to relate and connect with people from all walks of life, as with a world-renowned chef, author, musician, and artist. 

In some professions formal training is a requirement, no exceptions. That is not the case, however, when it comes to addiction intervention, recovery coaching and sober companion services.

Personal training Plan

FoxWhole Recovery Services owner, Billy Schreurs, attended cdstudies.com and became certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor in March of 2006. It appears this certification is not too standard among those working as addiction interventionists, recovery coaches, and/or sober companions. Generally speaking, it seems more common for these professionals to attend workshops and symposium training within the scope of intervention and/or recovery coaching, case management, etc., rather than within the core scope of chemical dependency/substance use disorder counseling

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


– Aristotle

Keep in mind that sober coaches/recovery coaching services and interventionists do not fall within the oversight purview of any federal, state, local organization, or certifying body. There are in-fact certifications created by private entities that are legitimate, though. For example: in California, no state licensure exists yet for SUD (Substance Use Counseling). Considering a person or company is about to act as a go-between during a moment in time that quite likely plays an integral role in defining your or your loved one’s future, we consider this to be an essential detail, to say the least!

In the final analysis, all aspects factor into the total equation. Whether it is in reference to a recovery coach or a drug & alcohol counselor or the many other treatment professionals out there, professional experience counts, personal experience counts, training & academics counts, instincts and intuition counts, and so forth.

Confronting addiction is never a linear process. Each case is unique, unpredictable, and at times erratic or even chaotic. One can never be too prepared when it comes to addressing addiction at a core level.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the pain and insidiousness of addiction to alcohol or other drugs, there is hope. A sustainable recovery is possible, and we’re here to help you turn that possibility into a reality. Call us 7 days a week at (323) 546-2689 or use our confidential contact form below…
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