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some of the common questions we’re asked, as well as questions you should ask when seeking a recovery coach or interventionist…

“We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.”   

– Bono


Q: What is a sober coach/recovery coach?

A: These are experienced & skilled professionals that help newly sober addicts navigate the many hurdles of life in early sobriety.

Q: Are sober coaches & interventionists required to be licensed?

A: There is currently no law that requires either to be state licensed, which is why it is so important to research them, get referrals and ask many probing questions.

Q: Is a recovery coach like a therapist?

A: Therapists focus more on processing the past while a recovery coach focuses on present and future success mapping.

Q: Is a sober coach the same as a sober companion?

A: A sober coach is much more specialized in planning, mapping and providing instruction, while the companion is more for oversight and accompaniment.

Q: How is FoxWhole Services different or better? What sets us apart from other intervention, coaching & companion services providers?

A: First and foremost, I/we have a wealth of experiential knowledge that encompasses all relevant perspectives; the client, their loved ones, the service provider, and clinical oversight. From academia to many years of hands-on expertise to a heartfelt passion for helping individuals and families change their lives, what we offer, and the results we experience are exceptional and seemingly rarely seen. The deep connection through conversations ensues an alliance that can best be described as healthy and whole sustenance. Having experienced many meaningful moments and anecdotes to draw from, the faces, the families, and the personal and feeling-in-time memories, to witness a new meaning, the recreation, and subsequent Transmogrification. Who’s to say what makes us better or different? Not us; it’s you.

Q: What are the costs associated with each of our services, and how do they compare with other similar providers?

A: Generally speaking, our pricing is somewhere in the middle than other intervention or sober coaching & companion services. While some providers have standardized pricing plans or packages, in our view, that is not the correct approach if the objective is to provide an individualized and comprehensive action plan designed to foster long-term success. We’ve said it several times, and we’ll repeat it, “we are not looking for repeat business.” Let’s do it right this time! For details on cost, please call or email anytime…

Q: What happens if, in the end, the client refuses help during the intervention process?

A: This is quite rare, and that is because there is no fork in the road. There is no other option. We build entirely around that reality and proceed through the process without alternative options. If need be, we can make adjustments to appease the client. Often they make demands or place conditions, sometimes even seemingly unwise ones due to their fatigue or compromised state of mind. Should it come to that, we prepare for such challenges during the preliminary meetings based on research with family and environmental dynamics, corresponding with our objectives as a team; we are next to unstoppable. Our goal is to challenge resistance and coax the individual’s reality to have them own how they are punishing themselves and others.

Q: How does a recovery coach differ from a sober companion?

A: When the client is in the contemplative stage or seemingly more ready for a sincere-chance to live a sober and recovery-based lifestyle, the recovery coach will help guide them through the many aspects and obstacles inherent to that scenario. The sober companion (chaperone) is there to accompany, oversee, and protect the client from their damaging thoughts and ideas and assist in environmental dynamics. The companion is 24/7, whereas the coach generally has a less substantial role in the clients’ daily/weekly life.

Q: Is a sober companion and/or coach like a 12-step sponsor, but for hire??

A: A book can be written (and should be) about this question and subject. In short: the terms “being of service” – “giving freely what was given to me” is a standard message and practice in the 12-step fellowships. A sponsor is not a professional and does not receive payment to be of service. There’s an altruistic function in sponsorship; conversely, sponsors benefit as much, if not more, from the responsibility and gratitude of “giving back” to others that are in desperate need of support. Ask anyone that has had the honor of sponsorship, and they’ll echo our previous sentiment.

Our work as recovery coaches and sober companions (chaperones) though we are not clinicians, is by function counseling practice; sponsorship is not. In many cases, when appropriate, we introduce our clients to a group where they can find a sponsor, furthermore benefit from the beauty of service and fellowship and a sense of community for a lasting recovery experience.

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