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health & balance

A foundation for productive living

No matter how effective a recovery coach or sober companion may be, a lack of health & overall wellness is a major adversary.

Sober coaching toward health and balance in life

Health and balance are at the very core of living well. Basically, a general sense of wellness; physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually (which is relative). It touches every aspect of our lives and the greater a role that aspect plays in our lives, the stronger its connection to our general health.

Health and balance are major factors within our very foundation. Everything we do and everything we think and feel, is directly and indirectly influenced by our overall sense of health and wellness.

With respect to those in early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, the health and balance component is all the more important considering the abuse our bodies have endured while in active addiction. And though a client’s recovery plan must include far more than just health and balance by itself, without it the chances for long-term success drops significantly.

As with our other add-on services, we provide and promote “Health and Balance” guidance not for the purpose of turning the client into an Olympic gold medalist, but rather, to bolster their sobriety through higher quality day-to-day living and being.

A few primary areas of focus within our health & wellness coaching include:

  • Building a custom health and balance plan around the client’s needs, conditions, limitations, etc.
  • Understanding each of the areas that comprise a healthy and balanced way of living
  • Addressing diet, eating habits, key ingredients, various options and meal prep (if needed)
  • Understanding various physical workout approaches and creating a custom regimen
  • Creating new habits that address areas like sleep, sensible scheduling, down time, etc.
  • Spiritual Health: yoga, reiki, meditation, etc.
  • Diet plans for a healthier method of eating and a sound meal schedule (There’s an ideal food for each individual, we can help facilitate such). 


Everything we do here at FoxWhole Recovery Services is aimed at serving two purposes. First is to create a bridge that will most effectively transition the client from active addiction into a new life in sobriety. Second is to build a custom platform of services that essentially wraps around the client, thereby filling each area of need so that this new foundation in sobriety is poised to blossom into a whole new way of living and thinking.

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