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Ideals & Tenets

The Foundation for a Life Unimagined

The Ideals & Tenets of FoxWhole Recovery Services for bringing a body in sobriety and a mind in recovery to new heights in valued living.

The Tenets of a Quality Life in Sobriety by FoxWhole Recovery Services
“All new ideas begin in a non-conforming mind that questions some tenet of the conventional wisdom”
– Hyman Rickover

As we stated on our homepage, “The key to beating addiction goes beyond simply beating addiction.”

Given that drug & alcohol addiction (and mental illness) isn’t the big elephant in the room it once was, many non-addicts have some familiarity with the 12-Steps for recovery, but if you actually read through them carefully and conceptualize a world where each person, addict and non-addict, lives in accordance with these principles, our world would be a much better place in that scenario. This would be a world where people own up to their wrongdoings and commit to doing it better. A world where each person takes moral inventories, makes prompt amends, strives to make good with whatever they may owe others, lives honestly, and remains of service to his or her fellow citizens wherever possible, for no other reason than simply it is the right thing to do. In fact, the only step that even refers to alcohol (or the drug) is Step 1. All the rest are about changing your thinking and doing.

You may see it mentioned here once or twice that we are not proponents of repeat business. Our process centers around utilizing multiple tools and taking a more comprehensive approach the first time around. If it is an intervention, for instance, just getting the client to reluctantly agree to treatment to appease the family may be enough for some, but not for us. Our ideal is to help create that little spark within them that one day becomes the fire that drives hope and joy and meaning, and of course, sobriety. Plan A is always based around creating the ideal outcome. It is a high bar, and reaching it is based in part on the client’s willingness and the family’s level of devotion, but our part and our goal is unwavering. It is an ideal we will always strive to meet.

In that spirit, our founder and owner, Billy Schreurs, shares with you the Ideals & Tenets that have been the driving force behind who he is as a person, as well as what FoxWhole Recovery is as an organization. These tenets were born over a number of years and are the ideals behind individual greatness. They are NOT instead of the 12-Steps, they are an adjunct to them. The 12-Steps are the transition from active addiction to living well. The Ideals & Tenets are the transition from living well to individual greatness.

Just as one never really achieves their potential, the same reality applies here; as to “achieve” implies an endpoint which then begs the question, “Now what?” The magic is in “striving,” consistently, as with anything worthwhile in life.

Ideals & tenets…

    1. Surrender your Addiction, “the inner battle,” and the avoidance, is destructive; the power and freedom to give up the fight and no longer protect what ails you. The power is seeing where and how you are powerless
    2. Acceptance is to willingly receive objective and personal truths that ensue personal transformation and emancipation
    3. Gratitude: a daily thank you, an appreciation for life as a whole. Where is there a deficiency in Gratitude? Hone in on that…and gain perspective on being you. When we are whole with our humanness, we are whole with humankind

    4. Breath: take incoming breaths – providing the oxygen to the brain; by inhaling and both exhaling deliberately and consciously, we slow our heart rate and our “mind spin” to mitigate stress
    5. Enthusiasm: regain curiosity and wonderment on the simple yet most profound aspects of being alive and being what you are…
    6. Community, Contact & Connection: The adage that “it takes a village” is not revolutionary, yet it is essential, a journey of personal replication, as to surround oneself with the like-minded, like-hearted, and like-spirited; for there is a state of sameness, kinship, and healthy differentiation that can coexist for a healthy relationship with yourself and others
    7. Meaning: is what brings about an existential question…you have the answer; it lies within you
    8. Motion: we must move in this life, find practices that move you
    9. Transparency: the act of vulnerability, intimacy, and openness are not be undermined or overlooked – healing starts with…
    10. Creativity: we are all in some way imaginative, and yes, imagination and the expression of which can take many forms; every day we get to paint our own picture and create our own sculpture
    11. Healing: the act of reparative and restorative actions through constant communication, living within moments, recognizing the past but not being held captive by it, and nourishing the body by honoring one’s intuition
    12. Discipline: whether you think you have ‘it’ or not…you do; there’s a method for you
    13. Balance: is not uniform – it’s relative – for each of us exists an inner harmony that can be accessed, applied, exercised, and projected. Find yours.
    14. The Practice: a commitment to all 13 principle-acts and whatever productive and personal ones that speak of wholly health-practices; I.E., choice broadening, healthy pleasures, curiosity, a regimen, a direction, and love for the lives of others and life as a whole

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