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A Family Guided is a Powerful Tool

The success of an intervention is based largely on customizing to the individual’s needs and situation

Information on Successful Intervention Planning for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

A professional intervention can be the most loving and successful approach to set your loved one on the needed path to treatment and subsequent recovery. Through an adequately orchestrated intervention, the individual is lovingly and assertively confronted with the reality of their problem and the damaging impact not only on themselves but also on family, friends, and probably the community. Each intervention is unique. The facilitator will consider family dynamics, relationships, personal history, substances, behavior, geography, resources, and logistics.

Our interventions have one aim; the culmination with the suffering person accepting help. Then in a forthwith fashion, the loved one will be taken directly to a clinically appropriate treatment center.

At FoxWhole services, we are highly skilled, professional, and experienced interventionists who can motivate the individual towards recovery and provide the necessary support. We help channel the collective anguish, worry, and a loving, unified voice for the desired outcome.

You are the difference makers!

Here is how:

  • A team consists of the love and support that can combat the all too common behaviors: blaming, outrage, denial, manipulation, and bargaining; this is so the intervention team is unwavering, assertive, and ready for the process.
  • Preliminary Meetings: It may take one—it may take two or even three to plan and execute what the objective is. We coach a preparedness plan based on the family system, taking into account dynamics and family friends (if necessary). Based on this: we can usually forecast how the intervention will unfold.
  • It is necessary to have all information shared with a treatment center before the actual intervention. The logistics consist of primary care appropriateness, travel/transportation, and length of stay.
  • We prepare for a seamless transition. Continued therapeutic support through the process. Each case (once in treatment) has its own set of goals, nuances, and variables to consider. We take each intervention very seriously and are committed to aiding the whole family throughout the process.

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