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Life matters

Sobriety and a Fulfilling Existence

Sobriety is much more valued when it precedes the creation of a meaningful life – schooling, career, family, a loving partner, enjoyment & friendships, etc.

Recovery coaches for Education, employment, family, career, etc.

When people live their days with a sense of accomplishment and contentment, they are often less likely to throw it all away than if it were a linear, shallow or otherwise an unfulfilling life. That said, some do much better with a simpler lifestyle. To some, working as a barista in a coffee shop is fulfilling; they love it, and pushing them toward something more intricate can be a setup for failure and relapse. Yet, in other cases, a person of more significant employment potential may use that same barista position as a means of hiding from success out of fear of failure. They may convince themselves that they’re content when, in fact, they are not, because that fear of failure is no longer masked by drugs or alcohol.

Our job is to identify the different scenarios, and many years of hands-on experience enables us to identify and parse through such situations. There are a number of variables to consider, and some of them do not present themselves on the surface. Just because a client expresses a fondness for mechanical engineering, for instance, doesn’t mean they are able to implement the type of resolve that is required in order to succeed in that course of study.

We want the client to succeed, both in sobriety as well as in life. Though it is never our place to discourage someone from following their passion, we are obligated to present to them an accurate image of what to expect for the next 4 years in schooling for mechanical engineering. Simply put, we want to help set them up for ultimate success.


As an add-on to our recovery coaching services, we can assist the client in the following areas:

  • Finding and navigating any ongoing clinical care services
  • Understanding & developing goals, timelines, and action plans
  • Understanding and coming to terms with life’s realities, the positives, the negatives, and the healthy-challenges
  • Financial maturity, budgeting, saving, etc.
  • Career mapping
  • Education mapping
  • Integrating with family/loved ones
  • Other life matters unique to the client
  • Diet plans for a healthier method of eating and a sound meal schedule (There’s an ideal food for each individual, we can help facilitate such). 

Bear in mind that we are not bona fide career coaches or life coaches, but that is not our intent. The intent is to bolster the client’s sobriety. If their calling in life is to be a barista at a coffee shop, great! If their calling is to be a zookeeper or a B-level executive or whatever, that’s wonderful! Our goal is to help them achieve contentment in life so that their sobriety, which entails living with maturity and integrity, is all the more protected.

Success in recovery is an equation, at times a complex equation with many variables. The only 100% absolute in the equation is that sobriety must always be #1. No exceptions, because without sobriety all else is lost.

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