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Addiction & mental illness rarely color inside the lines, fortunately neither do intervention nor recovery coaching…

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“My recovery must come first so that everything I love in life doesn’t have to come last.”


Understanding the complexities of drug & alcohol addiction, as well as the unique characteristics and underlying causes inherent to each individual, can be challenging to any recovery professional, regardless of whether it is a psychiatrist, therapist, a sober or life coach, intervention specialist or even an AA or NA sponsor. Then take it a step further and factor in the necessity for having on-demand solutions, each with varied levels of fluidity so as to be molded to meet the client’s needs, and here is where the ill-prepared recovery coach and interventionist becomes a liability rather than an asset. 

Whatever your experience with addiction may be, there is something critically important you must realize. To the best of our collective knowledge, there is no other disease or illness or condition known to humankind that, like addiction, exists and thrives within the sufferer’s body on three completely separate but interconnected planes; the physiological, the mental/emotional, and the spiritual. Though it is as if they exist separately from one another, they generally work as a trio, which is why addiction is so insidious, cunning, tragic, and deadly.

Keeping that reality in mind, and considering that at present there are no laws mandating any formal training or licensing for addiction interventionists or recovery coaches, your objective right now is to learn how to identify the best providers, and with an unwavering philosophy centered around excellence in client care.


A Life in Motion. . .

“A good interventionist enters the process with a solid plan in place, contingencies and a network of  reputable care providers at the ready. A great interventionist, however, brings innate qualities and a sense of clarity insomuch as they are better equipped to meet the moment with boundaries, compassion, and fluidity in times of great turmoil, while never compromising in efficacy toward the final objective.” 

– FoxWhole Recovery

Our belief and approach is a scientific practice inasmuch experimental and imaginative. It is designed to help foster and promote meaning in one’s life by turning an idle existence into one in motion.

We have combined years of operational experience and substance abuse education throughout the addiction and mental health treatment field to create a viable, healthful way to assist those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Our company philosophy recognizes the fact that excellence, dedication, and experience are insufficient on their own. They must always coexist.

We understand the challenges of yesterday and today: familial, environmental, social/societal pressures that have been traumatic and cause stress, and, in many cases, are immobilizing. The mission is to create and treat the whole person – not with just a uniform approach; however, with a dynamic and comprehensive method put in motion. This is more than just an intervention, or just another period of time with a sober coach. In short, we don’t want to have to provide you our services more than once.

Today we are gifted with a cornucopia of therapies, treatments, practices, medicine, and support groups. The actualization of a salubrious life free from addiction and malady begets the freedom too…we help you fill in the blanks.


Whether you or your loved one is just entering the recovery process, completing residential treatment, transitioning through sober living or at home, we will design and implement a recovery program that fits your individual needs.

We are staunch proponents of 12-Step recovery — however, we are not blind to the additional support that is needed in order to live a life free from alcohol and/or drugs. In addition to our 3 core services, intervention & treatment matching, recovery coaching and sober companion & transport, we also offer several key ancillary  support services in order to provide clients and families with a more comprehensive solution. Such services include: court advocacy, sober transport, 24-hour sober companion, case management, holistic & health solutions, career & education planning, addiction counseling and more.

Though our two main hubs are Los Angeles, California and Manhattan, New York, FoxWhole Services are available 365 days a year throughout North America, South America and Europe.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the pain and insidiousness of addiction to alcohol, or other substances, there is hope. A sustainable recovery is possible, and we’re here to help you turn that possibility into a reality. Call us 7 days a week at (323) 546-2689 or use our confidential contact form below…

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