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Some call it a Recovery Coach and others prefer Sober Coach, we call it a roadmap to hope and success

Information on Successful Intervention Planning for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

There are many external hurdles that present challenges for people in early recovery. Namely: a (and likely new) healthy social life, education, medical issues, career, and family. There may be legal obligations that can cause stress; it is imperative to address them according to the exact nature of each client’s specific needs.

We team up and work collectively with other treatment professionals. The sober coach aims to hone the client’s specific needs, identify boundaries, and engage in creative practices at home and the community. To accept their role in the family and to develop healthier ways to listen, hence communicate, so that a more informed family system encourages the individual for ongoing recovery.

Our Case manager and sober coaches work in concert to develop an action plan to address challenges and meet goals. We are curious and adept at finding community resources that help address resistance – and we explore practices with the client for an experiential, creative, and healthily practical process. an experiential and creative process.

  • In some cases having an experienced recovery coach for post-residential treatment or as an alternative to the standard outpatient treatment or, in collaboration, can make for a promising early-recovery experience.
  • The day-to-day activities and the commitment to a structure can be drab and challenging to maintain.
  • Maintaining drive and meaning, and healthy pleasures can be a difficult journey. We help foster this with a practice that is both creative and individualized.
  • Young adults in the nascent stage of recovery excel with a new healthy and robust peer group on a similar path. “It takes a village,” and we help introduce and foster such a life.
  • Our coaches support the client to set weekly goals to fit his/her strengths and challenges.
  • A sober coach assists individuals at various stages of recovery – if one is leaving residential treatment, while in sober-living, attending an outpatient/day-patient program. If it is appropriate, their residence can suffice.
  • Each case is unique, and requires a few meetings weekly, several hours at a time, and there are those cases that require 4-8 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We treat each circumstance and individual need with the gravity, imagination, and dedication necessary for a successful outcome.

Being an effective recovery-sober coach requires a sense of clarity and awareness that is slowly built over time, and mainly on an experiential basis. There are certain things in life that absolutely require expertise on a personal level. For instance, being a successful oncologist does not require the physician to be a cancer survivor, but to be an effective sober coach absolutely requires at least some level of personal experience with drug addiction.

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