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Based in Los Angeles, CA & New York City, services available throughout North & South America, Europe and Australia.


A global experience

Though our main offices are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Manhattan, New York, FoxWhole Recovery Services has the resources on hand to provide our entire service array throughout North & South America, Europe, Australia and even parts of Asia.

Our founder and owner, Billy Schreuers, is originally from the New York area, which is also where he first got clean & sober following a difficult road of drug & alcohol addiction. Upon moving to Southern California and becoming actively involved within the recovery community, Billy was fortunate to have crossed paths with some notable leaders within the addiction treatment world.

Personal training Plan

Generally speaking, when providing international services we are most likely to utilize New York or LA based staff. If, however, the event requires foreign language fluency other than Spanish or French, we may utilize other sources that have been vetted and approved by us.

More often than not, global services consist of travel accompaniment originating from the U.S. that entails some type of event requiring the client’s presence. It may be an exhibition match, a film shoot, a symposium or even a weekend with the family..

“There is only one you on the globe today. You have been built to inspire and designed to dazzle. Live your uniqueness!”

 – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Travel accompaniment is available throughout almost all parts of North America, Europe and Australia. With respect to Central & South America and Asia, we take it on a case by case basis. We adhere to the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory alerts..



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