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“In life, some of us will self-destruct only to find and restore ourselves amidst the rubble.”

– Billy Schreurs

Intervention for Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Addiction Intervention

It’s about the right guidance, the right strategy, and the proper treatment for his or her specific situation…

Recovery Coaching

Private, customized & experiential oversight and guidance – merging all recovery aspects with the client’s individual needs….

Sober Travel Companion and Transport

Companion & Transport

24 / 7 / 365 at your side worldwide – as a companion, a coach, and an ally who’s traveled “the road…”

Sober Coaches for Help with Legal Problems

Court & Legal Matters

Let’s navigate through any legal matters together and ease the burden so you can focus on your new sober life…

Life Matters

Getting sober and clean living is but a beginning, now let’s build a quality life around that recovery…

Health & balance

Physical health, emotional health and spiritual health are so crucial when it comes to balance and happiness in recovery…

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“I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself did I know who I really was.”

– Sade Andria Zabala

FoxWhole is affiliated with several treatment facilities, transitional programs, sober living homes, therapists, psychiatrists and other related service providers. With respect to our intervention and sober coaching services, we are professionally trained to tailor services to individuals, private groups, and families — this ensures an effective model, not only for the client, but for their loved ones as well.

Our broad array of services includes: addiction intervention, sober-recovery coaching, court & legal advocacy, sober transport, 24-hour sober companion, case management, chemical dependency counseling, life guidance, health & wellness coaching, and more.

Each of the services we provide can be a standalone or as one of several tools within the overall plan – everything we do is based on a custom plan built around the client’s needs.


 Whether it is a friend or member of the family suffering from substance use and mental illness, you may have been subjected to havoc, confusion, sadness, badness and madness that can damage relationships, family, and career.

You may have heard this notion: that not much can be done to help people suffering from addiction if they do not want help. In many cases, not “wanting help” is a symptom of addiction, rooted in denial, anger, pride, and shame. You may also have heard the proverbial, “they have to want it” – “they’re not done,” and this one that I deem as commonly misunderstood and cast on a broad swath of individuals, “they have to hit rock bottom.” Those idioms are misnomers when referring to addiction and co-occurring disorders. Whether you are a relative or a friend of the person responsible for reading this in the first place? With appropriate friends and family members, whatever the support system will comprise; this is a campaign that can further help coax your loved one to declare a bottom. And with that declaration a sincere willingness for renewal, for this is not about bringing back the old life prior to addiction, it is about creating a new one, a better one!


At FoxWhole, each of our coaches has at least four years of continuous recovery based abstinence. We understand the myriad of challenges that hinder individuals suffering from substance use and other addictions. We serve as a portal to healthy practices and environments.

We do not meet resistance with a resistance that is internal, i.e., psychological, emotional, psychiatric, and even spiritual. Constant empathy and compassion are the way, bolstered with healthy boundaries and assertiveness.


Sober Companion: insomuch guides and helps one acclimate to a new life in recovery. Treatment centers are highly structured and safe environments that sometimes cocoon the client from outside influences to enable concentrated healing, and occasionally, some clients struggle to re-adjust to their home life. While it is vitally important for most people in the beginning stage of their recovery to be in such a facility, it may be challenging to practice those tools they have learned from residential treatment experiences in their daily life.

Here at FoxWhole we prefer the term sober”chaperone.” A companion can take the form of a person consistently at your side, ever remaining proactive and invested in the client’s success. However, a companion can take the form of a crony who’s along for a ride filled with fun, laughter, and general lightheartedness. A life without those things would seem sad and unfortunate; for the time being though, they remain very much secondary to the importance of maintaining the client’s health, safety, and intended goal. However, the term chaperone much more accurately defines this individual’s role and objectives as per our level of standards. And if along the way, there happens to be a little fun and laughter in addition to the chaperone’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sometimes life’s most profound moments are best remembered by that short bout of laughter you shared during a period of great challenge and transition. 



In the beginning, whether in a treatment center setting, sober living home, or anywhere for that matter, clients are advised to stay sober for whatever possible reason. Eventually, they will need to do it for themselves; however, that timeline is genuinely individual. Still, if getting back in their parent’s good graces, or being allowed to return to work or school is their initial motivator for getting sober, that is perfectly fine. There comes the point, however, when merely getting and staying sober is no longer enough.

There is one thing we know unequivocally, and that is, in many cases, a person is more likely to protect their sobriety when there are valued aspects of their life worth protecting.



We all know that a clean outside doesn’t mean a whole lot when the inside is filthy. How many times have we seen an A-List Hollywood actor or renowned fashioned designer in the prime of their career end up committing suicide or dying from a drug overdose? They had a seemingly amazing outside, i.e., notoriety, money, career success, etc. and look how it ended.

Was it specifically health, balance, and overall wellness that was missing from their lives? In the end, it was most certainly more than just a physiological health and wellness issue, but a lack of it very well might have been a contributor to someone initially going off course for six months or a year (or more) prior.


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