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sober companions

A guide. A resource. An example.

The sober companion and recovery transport can provide the much needed oversight & accompaniment

Information on Sober Companion and Transport Services

FoxWhole Sober Companions & Recovery Transports help ease the transition from the safe and relatively worry-free environment of residential treatment to real life and its many challenges. We provide a dedicated 24-hour sober companion, or “Recovery Chaperone” as we like to call it, in your residence, hotel, a furnished apartment, or whatever other type environment is best suited for the client and loved ones.

A sober companion can also serve as an alternative to an addiction treatment program. In fact, a common scenario we see is one where the client will go from intervention to a brief stay in medical detox for stabilization, and from there transition into a comprehensive recovery system comprised of a sober companion, a recovery coach, one or more therapists, possibly a psychiatrist if there are medication needs, and so forth. Alternatively, the client may go from detox to a brief stay in residential rehab first, and then back to us with a similar or possibly toned down version. Each case is different.

Those who have relapsed after being in one or several residential treatment programs may be resistant to going back. That’s where we come in and provide an alternative to residential treatment. For some, this can serve as a viable option.

Our sober companions & transports can help in many areas:

  • FoxWhole Chaperones will demonstrate how to make healthy decisions and will coach clients to take hold of their life by making themselves available to others.
  • We build confidence in our clients by exploring alternative solutions to problems that might otherwise have led to relapse.
  • A crisis is a reality, especially in matters of family and relationships. We help our clients seek solutions and provide sound communication skills through active listening, empathy, and compassion for outcomes that aid the healing process for the client and their loved ones.
  • Provide safe transport to any destination throughout the day to ensure the client gets there sober and safe.
  • The sober companion will deter the client from entering a dangerous situation, ensuring that the threat of relapse is met swiftly and assertively. The basis of our mission is relapse prevention.
  • Whether our client is leaving treatment, transitioning from sober living, attending outpatient, or going back to work, the objective is to provide unbridled support, leading to making healthy choices.
  • Each case is unique, brings its particular set of challenges, and is treated with the kind of alacrity, significance, and support that makes for a healthful and lasting impact. We are driven, creative, malleable, professional, and proficient and ready to meet the demand.

We encourage you to read about the FoxWhole Philosophy.

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