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Reviews from Clients, Families & Colleagues

When it comes to interventionists and sober coaches & companions, testimonials and reviews tell an important story.

Reviews-Testimonials for Addiction Intervention and Sober Coaches

With certain products and services, reviews & testimonials don’t necessarily fill a critical need. If you need a new muffler, it’s likely testimonials won’t determine the shop you visit. If, however, you’re seeing a doctor or an attorney for the first time, there is no question as to the importance of previous client reviews.

In the case of addiction intervention or a sober companion or recovery coach, reviews and testimonials are incredibly important. Moreover, it’s best if they are from different perspectives, such as the client, the client’s family, maybe the employer, and so forth.

At FoxWhole, we take it a step further in that we also provide testimonials from industry colleagues like therapists, treatment center staff, facility management, and other practitioners. These are extremely valuable since the person writing it is essentially placing their company name behind it, and that is a big deal.

We have broken down this page into two sections, the first is from clients and the second from industry colleagues.

In their own words…

from clients

Dear Billy,

     “You are the only one other than myself that refused, and still refuses, to give up on my son.”

I want to thank you for never giving up on my son and believing in him and loving him like I do. You are the only one other than myself that refused, and still refuses, to give up on my son. After 18 months of struggling with our son and trying to find care for him in Nebraska, we were able to find help for him in California. The treatment center where my son was employed a counselor named Billy Schreurs who became our families’ guardian angel. We tried bringing our son home after 30 days, only to find out that he was not ready. Billy came to Nebraska and talked to our son and our son returned to California for additional treatment. Once out of treatment, Billy became my son’s life coach and I do mean a coach for life. Only a parent who has a child that is addicted can possibly understand the pain, the nightmares, worry, and hopelessness a parent suffers watching their son or daughter slowly self- destruct.

Billy provided hope to our family during our worst of times. After our son’s second drug treatment, we hoped that would be it. But our son returned home to the same friends and environment. Our son relapsed and Billy was there once again for my son and our family. Our son now has almost 7 months clean again and I have to credit Billy for being there for our son and our family. Billy passes no judgment, makes himself available 24 hours a day, has several different counseling tactics, and most important he is a recovering addict that has walked the path. He can and does relate to my son on several different levels. Billy is a professional and a very kind, compassionate individual.

Without Billy, I firmly believe that I would not have my son back. Billy is now a part of our family for life. 

~ A client’s mother

     “I couldn’t have ever asked for a better friend, confidant, brother, uncle, father and recovery coach.”

By the ripe age of 19 years old I had everything any man could ever want: career, apartment, the girl, and the respect of my parents. I was up at 5 every day and home at 5. There wasn’t a damn thing that could stop me and I had it all figured out. Until my boss told me that I was a “liability” to the company and it was either rehab or I was gone.

Being 21 by this time I really had it all figured out, and needless to say rehab was out of the question. After a few months living with my dad, I had nothing left but my addiction, and my Father grew weary of my daily ritual of falling asleep at the dinner table. Rehab was my next destination and were I to agree to go my only requirement was to, “not be locked in a room and puke my guts out for three days.” so like our forefathers before us I embarked on my own type of Manifest Destiny and to Malibu I traveled.

I went to the swank and ritzy “Masters of the Universe” type rehab with weekly massages and 5 star meals. None of this aided me in my recovery like the bond I developed with Billy. As soon as he heard I was from New Jersey he asked me if I was a Yankee fan: my response? “F— the Yankees, Die-Hard and bitter Mets fan baby.” And our relationship was conceived. We would talk for hours about baseball and music, women and politics and what was that main thing? Oh yeah, RECOVERY. I have yet to encounter another person as empathetic and as honest, as Billy.

Before he was my recovery coach he took me under his wing on his own accord and looked out for me like a little brother and he still does to this day. Although, the word “paradox” is somewhat of a cliché in his vocabulary, it is the perfect way to describe him: He is stern, yet soft when giving suggestions. When he is disappointed he explains why and equates it to the mistakes he made in his life when growing in recovery. Most importantly, he cares and he motivates one to improve their lives no matter how difficult or frustrated he may get. Obviously, Billy is no Voodoo master of recovery. Copper will not be turned into gold over night no matter what those Promises’ commercials say. Billy is not perfect and if you are reading this I have a feeling you aren’t the second coming either. I sure as hell wasn’t and never will be. But, if we as addicts can learn that spiritual principle known as “trust” (yes I shuddered a bit also) life WILL get better.

Trust in Billy, his suggestions and the dynamic process of your relationship with him. Have patience, it will not happen over night nor will anything worth keeping. I couldn’t have ever asked for a better friend, confidant, brother, uncle, father and recovery coach. I love this man and can truthfully say that were it not for our work together I wouldn’t be where I am today.

~ A sober client


     “… what Billy did for my son was unprecedented. He saved my son.”

In February of 2007 my son met Billy at a rehab facility in Los Angeles where Billy was his narcotics counselor. Over the next two and a half months, into April, as I talked to my son and members of the facility staff, I quickly realized that Billy was the person both I and my son trusted and liked the most. When the time for his discharge came, my son and another teenaged, male patient moved out from the facility into downtown Los Angeles. Neither boy being from Los Angeles, neither of them having a car, and neither of them having a single relative in the area, they quickly fell into a state of isolation and loneliness, ingredients ideal for relapse. No system was in place for a transition from the controlled environment of the rehabilitation setting to the chaos and freedom of open society.

A week passed and I had not heard from my son. Not surprisingly I became worried. However, out of the blue came a call from Billy, whose responsibilities to my son had ceased upon his release. Billy said he was concerned about his former patients and, even though he was no longer being compensated for his efforts, asked if he could check on them and give myself and the other boy’s parents a report. I of course agreed and waited anxiously for him to call again with an update on their status.

Since phone calls weren’t being responded to, Billy had to drive to their apartment and pay a surprise visit. When he arrived there, he found them sitting in a dark room, the only light two computer monitors reflecting computer game action. Together, they had begun a process of enabling one another’s isolation which would have more than likely led to relapse. Billy broke into their lives, interrupted their world, and told them he would not allow them to continue living like that.

He then called and let me know they were okay but needing guidance. We discussed the situation and Billy offered his help, saying he would be a full-time counselor and advisor to them both, providing transportation, support, and a transition from institutional life to social life. Essentially, he would provide out-patient care and take them into independence. For what was a very fair salary, Billy spent nearly a year with the two driving them to meetings, school, work-out sessions, weekend trips to NA conventions, dinners, to his family’ house for holiday meals, and, in general, being a mentor. In my opinion, what Billy did for my son was unprecedented. He saved my son.

They became great conversationalists, discussing life and politics and sports, talks which allowed my son to blossom and gave him confidence and friendship in a new world. Today, over two years later, my son is nearing completion of a degree from a Los Angeles community college with plans on going to a four-year school upon finishing. He also has been working out steadily and exercising and his health has improved dramatically. Most importantly, he now cherishes life and smiles.

Even now when they see each other much less often because of school and job priorities, Billy still communicates with my son and me and offers us Billy’s advice, always welcomed. I simply cannot say enough about Billy’s devotion, sincerity, and sense of sacrifice he has demonstrated in his care of my son. He has a deep understanding of addiction and its dangers and the inherent pitfalls in overcoming the obstacles faced in recovery. I can vouch for his willingness to work to help his clients, not for a salary, but because he cares about the health, both spiritually and physically, of the people he treats. I feel both blessed and lucky to have found a counselor like Billy in what for my son and for me was a new city, Los Angeles. I now call him a good and trusted friend and owe him a debt I can never repay, for he in large part saved my son.

Thanks for everything, Billy.

~ A client’s parent


     “Billy has a gift for working with people. His own personal struggles and triumphs, combined with his compassion, make him a special person in his profession.”

I will forever be grateful to Billy Schreurs. He came into our lives (my son and me) during a time of extreme turmoil, a time when we really needed help. My son, Jason, was 18 years old, out of control and a drug user. He was skipping school, lying, stealing my money, destroying our home, and abusive towards me. I felt helpless, hopeless and so alone.

The day that Jason was being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, I suddenly realized that he couldn’t come back home. I didn’t want him here and I knew that he desperately needed help. I found a treatment center, online, in Utah, and Billy was referred as an interventionist, someone who could take Jason there because I knew he would never go with me. Jason had no idea about all the plans I was making.

Everything happened so quickly that day. Billy’s calm voice and the way he spoke with me over the phone helped me to feel a bit less anxious. However, I was terrified that Jason would refuse to go and I was even more terrified about the thought of him coming home. The plan was for me to meet Billy in the hospital parking lot and we’d talk with Jason together. To complicate the situation a bit, it was already too late to get a plane to Utah so Billy suggested that he stay with Jason in a hotel near the airport and fly out the next day. He knew that if Jason came home it would be that much harder to get him to leave.
Billy was just amazing that evening. He had never met Jason before and yet they connected. He let me start the conversation with Jason and seemed to know the right time to intervene. Billy was able to validate how we each felt but without taking sides. It was a stressful time because Jason kept refusing to go but Billy kept talking to him, in his gentle, understanding way and Jason started listening. I will always remember when Jason started smoking and Billy said he’d join him. The two were standing there talking, Jason with his cigarette, Billy with his cigar and it was almost like they were old friends. At some point in time, Billy was able to whisper to me to get in my car and go. And I got in my car and left… and that was the beginning of the rest of our lives because Billy took Jason to Utah and 6 months later brought him back to a program in California where he is thriving.

Billy has a gift for working with people. His own personal struggles and triumphs, combined with his compassion, make him a special person in his profession. He is gentle in his interactions, not authoritarian, and knows that he can’t be demanding. But, he also knows if he can form a bond with someone that they will be more willing to listen to what he has to say.

Billy is a kind and empathic person. He knows that the recovery process involves the family and he has helped me many times to deal with my own feelings as the parent of a substance abuser. Being a parent himself, he understands the love and the pain that we feel for our children.

I can go on and on about Billy’s attributes. To name a few, he is responsible and conscientious and has always kept me informed about the situation when he’s traveled with Jason. He is trustworthy and I had no qualms about giving him my credit card number to book flights. He is realistic about recovery knowing that it is a life long process that takes effort and determination. He is a kind and caring person. He attended Jason’s high school graduation in Redlands, and he wants to share in the accomplishments of those that he’s helped.

Jason adores Billy. Jason admits that when he saw Billy for the first time his thought was, “Who the hell is this guy?” and now Jason will share with others that “Billy is amazing!”

Billy is a hero in my eyes. I believe that it took a special person to get Jason to Utah, someone who he could feel a connection to, someone who knew what he was going through… Jason has made dramatic changes and I’m filled with joy. I see Billy as always being a part of our lives because of all that he’s done for us and because he is a wonderful role model.

Billy, you’re the best! Words can’t fully express my gratitude.

~ A client’s parent

In their own words…

from colleagues

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with and consulting on cases with Billy Schrues over the last 14 years. Billy has demonstrated over that time a truly unique ability to connect with clients and gain their trust in their darkest hours and help them develop a newfound commitment to strive for recovery. Billy also communicates the complexities of addiction recovery in ways that deeply resonate with those he helps. I unequivocally recommend Billy Schreurs when it comes to working with your loved one.

~ Douglas A Cohen, LMFT

I’ve known Billy for over twenty years, and we have certainly been friends over that time. I can speak to his character and conviction in that capacity. I also have been fortunate enough to be able to refer him to clients here in South Carolina, where I am a licensed professional counselor, and a licensed addictions counselor. Billy has been successful in intervening with all the clients that I have referred to him. He is competent to come to another part of the country, a part that might find his accent unsettling, and quickly build rapport with the families of my clients, and the client themselves. He is professional and works to find the best solution in what is typically a very difficult situation. He is my first call when I need to refer for intervention services, and I would have no problem recommending him to clients, or to other colleagues to assist their charges

~ R. Patrick Pellicer MRC, LPC, LAC, LPC/S

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